Zen Habits

The last two years have been so amazing. I learned many good things which then slowly became my habit. Having habits that are able to change the environment and nature become better, even though sometimes it sounds so heroic but inspiring on the other hand.

Less waste, food preparation, and decluttering. You name it. I have been doing it all with joy and love. My curiosity surprisingly increased to the high level about this. Then i followed the people or literature i love about living well. They are Atiit and Leo Babauta. Since then, i am always busy with jars, vegetable boxes, and glass containers.

I am sad i have not finished yet with waste exactly. I still produced plastic waste from packages. Meanwhile, the organic ones are safe on my composter.

Let me call it as a better self change from marriage. Sure, since i am a wife, i have to cook almost every day to supply husband’s need. This is a self love too, indeed.

The balance life it is. Let’s stay sober by doing more zen habits to survive in the busy world.

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