What Would You Do If Money Was No Object?

I found a topic on boredpanda, and read the answers from readers made me smiled, and now on i write my answer on my blog. This is from my sight-call it my desire.

I quit my recent job and living in a farm house, in the middle of paddy field and The Mountain as the background, with the children’s singing every single morning with the birds. Being a writer and a florist. Selling my own flower and many kind of veggies directly in local market.

Once a year having trip to the different culture, different outlook of people, different skins, and different taste-simply to teach my children about the differences and how bad and dangerous the discriminations are due to the differences. The journey itself was a time with my family and another time with myself.

Our family would be helped by neighbor to build a shelter in our land beside our farm house, a place for women to learn how to cook-for some who couldn’t do cooking, how to sew-maybe for some who wants to be a tailor, thus for them who wanna learn english-as i am so interested in english. And also for the children of my neighborhood would learn to play guitar, to read books, to listen my fairytale, or even to study Islamic holy book. 😘

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